Every year in mid-February, stars of Iran startup ecosystem and newcomers seeking an opportunity to shine gathered in Tehran for the finale of Iran Web and Mobile Festival, but not this year.

Covid-19 has reshaped life and business across the continents. Having that bitter reality in mind and to adhere to social distancing measure, IWMF organizers have overhauled the event and turned it into an online gathering. Everyone from anywhere across the globe can follow the event — note that all programs will be in Persian.

The online event will include prerecorded messages and talks along with live panels and…

One of the highlights of Iran Web and Mobile Festival is a competition annually held between top Iranian startups and knowledge-based companies.

Two sets of winners are picked through public vote and expert vote. There are also special categories, winners of which are elected by a penal of judges or co-founders of IWMF.

IWMF2020 panel of judges in Qazvin, January 2020
IWMF2020 panel of judges in Qazvin, January 2020
IWMF-2020 panel of judges met in Qazvin, Iran, January 2020.

Public Vote

Everyone can participate in this round of IWMF competition they would only need to create an account on IWMF website and vote for their favorite online services.

Businesses are grouped in different categories on IWMF website. Public voters can review the contestants and vote for their favorites…

Over the past two decades, internet penetration rate has surged in Iran and millions of Iranians have got connected to the World Wide Web. In tandem with the increased connectivity, startups and internet-based services have sprout up around the country. An offshoot of this socioeconomic development has been Iran Web and Mobile Festival or IWMF.

Through these years, IWMF has endeavored to bring together all players in Iran’s tech and connectivity industries along with startups and knowledge-based companies. It has also paved the way for businesses, encouraged collaboration between firms, and promoted fair business standards.

The collective efforts of Iran…

Iran Web and Mobile Festival

Iran Web and Mobile Festival, annually held in Tehran, is the country’s leading tech and startup event.

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